Mission Statement

To provide individual and commercial clients, on a global scale, with high calibre professional service and expertise; with suitable cost-effective solutions to cover any requirement, whilst maintaining a reputable safety record and corporate image.

The highest standards of service to customers are to be reflected in all Group Company affairs; in the calibre of the staff engaged, in the level of service provided and in the solution sought for each client’s requirement.

To be our clients’ global, reliable partner.

The Founders

Damian Agius 

Damian is an engineer by profession, with experience in the continuing airworthiness and aircraft operations, as well as product and industrial process development; having experience with some of the world’s largest corporations. He is knowledgeable in the areas of technical audits and on-site assessments, in both Europe and Asia.

With a keen interest in mechanically operated hardware, as well as being a devoted aviator, Damian is enthusiastic about his profession and takes pride in his work.

Mark Laferla Jr.

Mark comes from a financial services background, holding a senior position in his family’s insurance firm. He has years of experience in handling complex programs for various types of clients, both private and commercial. Having managed insurance requirements for multinational firms, as well as high-net-worth individuals amongst others; he is well accustomed to the highly demanding environment of global asset management including aircraft and maritime operation. He has handled various commercial and VIP clients in Europe, Africa and Asia.

An avid private pilot and connoisseur of fine cuisine; he is entrepreneurial in spirit and passionate about what he does.