Our team is well positioned, with years of experience, to provide consultancy and expert assistance with any aviation related matters. Through our in-house expertise, complimented by a diverse network, we can provide you with a complete and bespoke solution that suits your needs.

Consultancy and assistance for operational and technical matters relating to commercial as well as privately operated aircraft, including:

    • Aircraft acquisition / sale

    • Aircraft Registration

    • Aircraft maintenance and refurbishment

    • Feasibility Assessments

    • Project Management

    • Internal Audits (Operational / Continuing Airworthiness)

    • Technical matters relating to Aircraft Operations

Support with ancillary services and the provision of personnel, including:

    • Crew / Staff

    • Post-holders

    • Insurance & Finance

    • Corporate service provisions

    • Acting as Nominated Agent for non-domiciled owners

Turn-key advisory service with in-depth analysis, including assessment, review, follow-up actions and project management. Available for:

    • Private owner / operators

    • Commercial Operators and AOC holders

    • Airport & Airfield Operators

    • Aviation-support industries